I can only talk by what I see, and Messi - he is unique. He really does amaze me every day. Whenever I do not think he can do better, he does something special. Everyone already knows what he has put in over the years for Barcelona, but he is still so young and still has so much to offer. He even shines in training, every day. It’s logical really, he is by far the best on the planet. I cannot anticipate too far, because we live from match to match, but we’re going to try to conquer this season. Every possible prize. Together.

- Luis Suarez

The phaces of waiting for El Clasico.

a month left for el clasico: Omg I can't wait, it's the best match ever. !
2 weeks before el clasico: Why can't it come sooner, I really need to watch it.
1 week before el clasico: time is coming, finally just one more week, yes yes yes !!!
3 days before el clasico: Time move faster, just a little before the clasico is on
1 day before el clasico: Yes, finally tomorrow. I'm so calm and I'm gonna enjoy it.
2 hours before el clasico: I can't this, I'm nervous, I wanna die. Please, football is not good for my health.
During the game: Can this please end now, I can't deal with this emotions; come on come on!!!


Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona

- October 25/14

- Santiago Bernabeu

FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

- March 22/15

- Camp Nou




Actual quote from Pique after the events picture in this photo occurred:

"Okay but you’re not my friend and you never will be. you come into my establishment into my work place into my sanctuary and you treat me like we’ve shared a womb, like i invite you over to my…

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El Clasico has developed into world football’s most hotly-anticipated derby match. Whenever the two meet, the world grinds to a halt to watch the stars collide.

Real Madrid vs. FC BarcelonaSaturday, 25 October at the Santiago Bernabéu. 


don’t call me ugly i will never recover