Di María came on, he was the one who did best. Logical, as he is Real Madrid’s best player. —Diego Simeone (via messionel)

Andres Iniesta’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

jordialbaoficial: Muy contento de aceptar por una buena causa el reto de @antoniorozco10 . Ahora reto a #Malu @13pinto y @carloslatre #Icebucketchallenge #ALS


Thanks to ice bucket challenge now I know that my favourite football players scream more girly than I do lol


I told you it was Neymar! elkunagueros



I cannot stress this enough- if you want to be considered a good member of your club- then you cannot support your rival. Ever, never under any circumstances. If that is too divisive or if it’s not ‘nice’ enough then you’re involving yourself in the wrong sport. How do you…


Ice Bucket Challenge - football players (p.2)

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